Life insurance may look like an unnecessary expense unless it is used. If a person dies during the insurance coverage the funeral expenses are paid with the help of the insurance and the family gets a sufficient income in register business name if it depends on the policy holder.For example if you have children and your death will leave them in anxiety, At this moment the life insurance you took will help them to pay for the mortgage, and use the rest of the money is used for higher education in the future. If you are young, Single and healthy then this is the right time to take life insurance policy, Because the younger and healthier you are the premium paid would be less on GST registration Services. Health insurance is costly and so most people hesitate to take it.It is very useful for the medical expenses, and sudden injuries.If the person is suddenly diagnosed with some severe disease then with the help of health insurance you can undergo the treatment else you have to spend from your pocket. Another advantage of having the health insurance is that the tax deduction can be made easily.You can take medical insurance for your family members also, They can also get benefits.Leading a life without health insurance is a great risk.Insurance agents just fills the form and do the paper work for you but the insurance brokers explains you the product details and which policy to opt for.Its better to take the insurance when you are single.